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We offer a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 day a year emergency service


Upon ringing the office number out of hours, you will be asked for your details and the nature of your emergency, then one of our vets will ring you back as soon as possible.


  • Routine visits for vaccinations (Flu, tetanus, herpes, strangles and EVA)
  • Equine dentistry including diastema work and wolf tooth removals
  • Passports and microchipping
  • Vettings (Five Stage)
  • Mortality certificate for insurance purposes (Two Stage)
  • Stallion Licences
  • Castrations of all ages (Oct-May)
  • Rig operations
  • Hernia operations
  • Enucleation surgery
  • Inspections of Riding Schools
  • Lameness work ups
  • Reproduction services
  • Portable digital radiography with immediate images
  • Dorsal Hoof Wall resections and DDFTenotomy
  • Portable ultrasonography for reproduction purposes, tendon scans and abdominal
  • Portable Endoscopy, both gastric and respiratory scopes
  • Acupuncture
  • PRE passports for the Spanish Horse Society
  • Export certification
  • Worming advice
  • Mobile laser treatment


  • Scanning and routine fertility work
  • Herd Health Planning (including NWDA Health Planning)
  • Routine and tracer TB testing
  • Dehorning
  • Castrations
  • Bull breeding Soundness Exams (including electro-ejaculation)
  • Anthrax enquiries
  • Abortion investigations
  • Mastitis investigations including in-house culture
  • Disease investigation and monitoring
  • Metabolic/Nutrition investigation
  • Competitive visit and drug fees
  • Export certification
  • Dairy discussion group run by Dairy Co.

Sheep and Goats

  • Flock/herd health plans
  • Lambing/kidding advice and assistance
  • On farm caesarians
  • Castration
  • Ram Vasectomy
  • Worming and fluke advice
  • Post Mortems
  • Disease investgations
  • Lameness control advice
  • Kid disbudding under general anaesthesia
  • Blood testing for Maedi Visna and other diseases
  • Pet sheep and goat home visits


  • Export certification
  • FAB Assurance Scheme Inspections
  • Disease investigation and advice on control
  • Pet pig home visits
  • Castration under 1 month old with sedation
  • Castration of larger boars under general anaethesia
  • Euthansia
  • Foot trimming under sedation

Llamas and Alpacas

  • Herd Health plans
  • Castration
  • Disease investigations
  • Fluke and worming advice
  • Pet llama and alpaca home visits.

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Andrew Melling LTD

76 Church Street

The Old Police Station



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